Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Marketing Physical Therapy

Your therapy newsletter, therapy brochures, physical therapy website and other promotions have to attract patients to your practice. Keeping in touch with your past patients is key, yet most physical therapy practices don’t even do physical therapy marketing to their past patients.  How these materials look, feel and communicate will determine how many new patients are attracted to your physical therapy marketing. Be known for being the experts in town that help patients overcome pain and restore their function.  However, these are the people who know you and will refer to you the most, as well as return for care when needed. In fact, most offices should be seeing 40% or more past patients back for needed care.
Physical therapy practices also need to develop professional relationships with local physicians to develop referrals to the practice. This generates more new patients coming into the practice and a building of the patient base. What promotions you leave behind or send out are a direct reflection of your practice. Show your expertise with a professional and customized, therapy newsletter, physician handouts, therapy brochures, physical therapy websites and more. Marketing physical therapy to physicians has to be ferocious as they are very busy people and are bombarded all day long from many other practices and vendors. You have to market frequently and invest a lot into it. However, with the right physical therapy marketing, you will win. This is where the PMIS Marketing Module can really help you shine. It lets you use the data you already have in your system to easily market to your patients and referring physicians. 
Take a look: Marketing Demo